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Step 1 - Create a Space

Create your dedicated space on Galxe

  1. Click "Galxe Space" from the left dropdown list
  2. Select "Create a New Space" to create a new space.
  3. Fill up the space information accordingly (*Introduction refers to Protocol/Project Description)
  4. Fill up the primary admin information (Primary Admin of Protocol/Project)
  5. Click "Create"
  6. Confirm to create space by clicking "Sign" on the signature request


Update Space Info

  • After the space is created, the user can check all the information in their accessible spaces.
  • All information can be updated by clicking the respective feature (Name, Logo, etc.).
  • The primary admin can add additional admins to the space. The additional admin addresses will have the same access as the primary admin (Including all-access such as update/delete/retrieve/create).

Add / Remove Admin

  1. Click the "Admin wallet address" feature
  2. Input the additional admin wallet address and select "+"
  3. Remove existing admin wallet address by selecting "x"
  4. Click "Update"
  5. Confirm to update the information by clicking "Sign" on the signature request


Tutorial Video for Creating Space