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Galxe Pathfinder

Pathfinders are community members that help other members by supporting them, answering their questions and guiding them through Galxe’s campaigns, discord and overall ecosystem. Galxe needs pathfinders with passion and energy who support other members with issues and teach them about Galxe. They help us build a more complete and friendly galxe ecosystem.

Just like the Galxe brain role, the Galxe team reserves the right to revoke a Pathfinder role due to poor behavior or inactivity in the Discord. Galxe does not demand nor require Pathfinders to spend a specific amount of time in the Discord server, the role is assigned to community members who represent best the Galxe Spirit and our values: community, collaboration and support. Galxe does not intend to integrate a task-based structure to keep or receive the role, but rather nominate new Pathfinders or remove existing ones in accordance with their activity ethics and overall support of the ecosystem. The amount of time spent in the server as a member has little influence on the selection of Pathfinders.

Galxe vouches to do its best to recognize and identify deserving members for this role. We will also listen to the voices of other members to help make these decisions, as not everyone can be a Pathfinder.