What is Galxe?

At Galxe, we are building the infrastructure to power an open and collaborative credential data network. We help Web3 developers leverage credential data to build better products and communities. At the same time, data curators contribute to our credential data network while earning income once the data is utilized. You can learn more about Galxe at our website and this deep dive article.

In the summer of 2023, we released a new product called Galxe protocol. Based on zero-knowledge proof technologies, the protocol brings a self-sovereign identity service to Galxe ecosystem. We will update more docs later. For now you can read our whitepaper here.

Case Study

Collab Land: Gated chat access

NFTs created on Galxe can be used as keys for holders to unlock gated chat channels on Discord and Telegram via Collab Land bot.

Snapshot: Voting w/ NFTs

Design a customized governance strategy for your community/DAO by allowing users to vote with NFTs. With the native voting strategy on Snapshot.org created by Galxe team, community admins can create strategies and assign special voting power to different NFTs based on their attributes/campaigns on Galxe.


Support and Feedback

Developer support

  • Discord: Join here. Feel free to ask questions in #developer-space. Also, make sure you follow #dev-updates for any updates in this space.

Documentation feedback

Submit documentation feedbacks or updates by creating an issue or PR on our github repo.