Galxe Ecosystem

Galxe Identity Protocol

A revolutionary technology that utilizes privacy-preserving ZK technology to enable safe and seamless integration of digital identities across platforms. This protocol empowers both users and developers by allowing for the creation of revocable, onchain managed credentials, redefining how users engage and explore web3’s expanding universe of decentralized applications.

Galxe Quest

The #1 platform for building and engaging with web3 communities, trusted by the most significant and reputable brands in the space. Through a turnkey, no-code solution, Quest connects projects and applications with millions of users through reward-based loyalty programs. Trusted by industry leaders like Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon, Galxe is your gateway web3’s largest onchain distribution platform with over 22 million users.

Galxe Compass

Web3’s #1 hub for users to earn via their contributions in decentralized networks. Compass is distinguished by its innovative aggregation capabilities, which leverage AI to carefully compile a detailed watchlist of opportunities, establishing itself as an invaluable resource for discerning explorers. Whether you’re a web3 newcomer or seasoned degen, Compass points you in the right direction.

Galxe Passport

A secure identity solution powered by Galxe Identity Protocol that simplifies online verification, enabling trusted, privacy-preserving web3 exploration.

Galxe Score

Your web3 reputation score that mirrors your digital identity in the metaverse and other virtual environments, shaped by your onchain achievements, engagement, expertise, and assets, enabling new growth opportunities and access to exclusive benefits.


An AI copilot that offers comprehensive support in project research, quantitative trading, and identifying lucrative opportunities across the web3 ecosystem. Instantly accessible through browser extension and GPTs, Alva ensures access to crucial information, anytime and anywhere.


Gravity is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for mass adoption and an omnichain future. With over 90 million monthly transactions across 34+ supported chains, Gravity puts the user experience first. Its approach abstracts the technical complexities of multichain interactions, integrating advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, state-of-the-art consensus mechanisms, and restaking-powered architecture to ensure high performance, enhanced security, and cost efficiency.

Gravity serves the 22 million users in Galxe’s ecosystem, delivering a seamless and inviting experience to web3’s largest onchain distribution network.