NFT Spring Carnival 2022


Mintverse was looking to create loyalty and growth hacking campaigns to reach more users and retain existing users with an emphasis on the Binance users, while improving their own transaction volume. On Galxe’s side, we were looking for new secondary marketplaces for our users to trade on.


Using Galxe infrastructure and network, Mintverse was able to bootstrap multiple campaigns by collaborating with many projects and creating the BNB Chain NFT Spring Carnaval. The BNB Chain NFT Spring Carnival had the objective to grow the communities and ecosystem of each participating project. For each partnership, users were prompted to do a specific task in exchange for a Galxe OAT (On-chain Achievement Token).



The Mintverse campaigns attracted 11,534 participants and resulted in massive social media engagement including 500K impressions on Twitter and an increase of 21.4K followers for their Twitter account. Users were rewarded with a prize pool that reached a total of $120,000 distributed in the format of tokens and NFTs.

About Mintverse

Mintverse is a comprehensive NFT aggregator and marketplace consisting of product offerings such as a Marketplace, GamePad, and a Governance DAO to name a few. It aggregates data for over 100 million NFT assets on BSC and ETH, much more than any other existing marketplace.


Galxe OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) are a creative solution to distribute NFT badges to communities as a record of participation. Brands and projects can use Galxe’s infrastructure to create their own personalized OATs to reward their users. This includes anything from in-person events, various online interactions, or even AMA’s.

Galxe OATs are used for validation that a user performed an action or participated in a specific event. You can transfer or sell your OAT, but the record of the action is stored on the Galxe Credential data network. Available on Polygon and BNB chains, OATs appear in all NFT marketplaces so you can show them off.