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The Defiant approached Galxe because they wanted to run a campaign to reward their loyal users from across all social channels. Those channels included; youtube viewers, loyal subscribers, avid newsletter readers, premium members, website visitors, podcast listeners, Twitter followers and Discord contributors. They wanted this campaign to be a love letter to everyone who has supported them throughout the years. The Defiant was looking to run a big campaign with lots of prizes and knew that Galxe had the platform to make that a reality.


To obtain The Defiant’s goal of running a massive reward campaign, Galxe powered a rewards system which would run in three phases over a period of three weeks on the Galxe website. For every user who subscribed to The Defiant’s free newsletter using their self-generated Unique Referral URL, they became one step closer to an exclusive NFT and free merchandise. The three reward phases went as follows:

Phase 1: Galxe opened up a limited pilot to members of The Defiant to test the system with close family and friends. A channel in Discord was also set up for members of the community and project team to collaborate and test the system.

Phase 2: Beta testing occurred with paid subscribers, supported by our Alpha users.

Phase 3: With testing well underway, Galxe soft-launched to all of our free subscribers.


This initial launch was focused around growing the size of The Defiant Community and that goal was reached through the minting of NFTs. This campaign offered five different levels which participants could access through the participation of on and off-chain tasks. One of those credentials tasks was referrals.

Level 1: The Defiant Friend (5 referrals)- 274 NFTs Minted

Level 2: The Defiant Ambassador Copper (10 referrals)- 176 NFTs Minted

Level 3: The Defiant Ambassador Jade (25 referrals)- 107 NFTs Minted

Level 4: The Defiant Ambassador Crystal (50 referrals)- 91 NFTs Minted

Level 5: The Defiant One (100 referrals)- 90 NFTs Minted

NFT Claiming with Email

Want to build a campaign for your community but only have their email address? No problem!

The new feature aims to open up a lot of use cases for off-chain organizations, and allow users to join campaigns by just verifying their emails. Once the email and eligibility are confirmed, they will be able to connect the wallet to claim the NFT.