Introducing the Galxe Astronaut Program — an exciting and interactive approach to celebrating your participation in the Galxe Discord community. This system will ensure your efforts receive the recognition and rewards they deserve!

The Astronaut Program comprises three distinct tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each offering a bespoke array of rewards to elevate every phase of your adventure. Dive in to learn how you can accrue points and progress through the tiers to unlock an array of exciting rewards.

System Mechanics

The Astronaut Ranking System celebrates your milestones and input at every juncture of your voyage. Here’s an overview of the tiers:

  • Gold Tier: Allocated for the elite 5% of our explorers, symbolizing the pinnacle of excellence within our cosmos.
  • Silver Tier: Encapsulates 45% of our explorers, forming the core of our universe.
  • Bronze Tier: Represents the foundational 50% of our explorers, integral to our expansive family.

Point Allocation

Your ranking is a composite of your engagements on the Galxe platform and contributions to our community, balanced to ensure equity. This encompasses participation in Galxe events, utilization of paid features, loyalty points, Web3 Score, and Galxe OG NFTs. Below is a breakdown of the factors influencing your ranking:

  • Participation in Galxe Space Campaigns - 30%
  • Utilization of Galxe Features (Smart Balance, Passport, Web3 Score) - 25%
  • Loyalty Points - 25%
  • Web3 Score - 20%
  • Participation in OG Campaigns - 5%

Rest assured, your previous contributions, including earlier Galxe event participation and engagements, will be considered and evaluated using your wallet address.

Tier Perks

As you ascend through the tiers, you’ll unlock increasingly substantial rewards and perks, enhancing your experience within the Galxe ecosystem.

Advancement Insights

Keen on advancing? Here are some strategies:

  1. Engage actively in the Galxe Radio Show, participate in Snapshot votes, and immerse yourself in various Galxe events.
  2. Embrace Galxe offerings such as the Galxe Passport, Galxe Web3 Score, and Galxe Smart Balance.
  3. Elevate your Web3 Score by engaging with the Galxe ecosystem, particularly through Smart Balance utilization.

Ascertain Your Cosmic Explorer Rank!

Explore the Bronze, Silver, and Gold campaigns to identify your eligible Cosmic Explorer Rank.