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Change Logs

Welcome to the official Galxe Change Log document. This informational document will be updated weekly with the latest release notes, bug fixes, and product updates pertaining to our dashboard/products. Each weekly release note will be titled and dated for accuracy and organization. Along with this document being updated each week, these notes will be released on Twitter and included in our Bi-Weekly Newsletter.

Week Of: 08/15-08/21

New Networks: Optimism & loTeX

The new networks we now support include: Optimism and IoTeX.

-Optimism is an Ethereum-based decentralized infrastructure platform that allows for instant transactions and scale-able smart contracts.

-IoTex is a scale-able blockchain network that takes the internet of things (IoT) landscape to a new level.

Explore Page

The Galxe campaign explore page has been updated to include an “Available to Claim” function. This ensures users don't ever miss an opportunity to participate in an upcoming/current campaign. Plugin

With the plugin, users can easily create a campaign related to snapshot and integrate it into snapshot. This update will incentive communities to participate in the proposal vote by rewarding them with OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens). Note: The Space Admin can add this plugin into your space. After users vote, they can claim an OAT directly from the Galxe Plugin section on the proposal page Snapshot. Follow the instructions below to set up this plugin:

1. Preparation

  1. Create a Snapshot proposal on
  2. Create a Snapshot Credential with the proposal ID created from step1 on
  3. Create an OAT campaign ONLY with the credential created from step2 on

2. Add Galxe Plugin to your space

In Snapshot space setting, you can search and find the Galxe Plugin in the plugins section, and add it to your space.

3. Set config JSON

Add campaign and proposal info to your plugin.

First, click the plugin, then you will see an editor section. See example below:

Second, fill it with the proposal ID and the information of the Campaign which you would like to link with the proposal. If you have multiple proposals which all distribute OATs to voters, you can also add multiple proposalID-campaignInfo pairs at one time.

Note: if you delete a proposalID-campaignInfo pair, people won’t see the OAT information on the page of your proposal even if the proposal ends or the OATs have already been distributed.


Google Sheets

Galxe continues to support more and more credential types to allow communities to interact/grow in unique ways. Our platform now supports Google Sheets as one of our newest credentials sources. Communities can now track when Users interact with Google Forms/ Type Forms and can reward accordingly. This feature connects to the google API to read a specified column on the google sheet. The column can include a wallet, email, EVM, or Solana address. It can also include a Twitter ID or Discord ID.

Discord Role

The Galxe Discord Bot has been upgraded and now supports setting a Discord role for a user based on the credentials a user holds. All current credentials are supported in this Discord role feature.

CSV File Upload

Galxe has now optimized the speed of uploading csv files when creating credentials. Essentially, uploading credentials is much faster now!

Week Of: 08/22-08/28

Galxe Web Updates

-CI changes have been reverted and gql types have been updated. card UI bugs have been fixed as well.

-Users can now share campaign/campaign details along with space detail pages. This means that users can now share campaigns powered by Galxe to Twitter, or copy the campaign link to share elsewhere.

-Galxe's developers added clearer documentation guidance when users create subgraph credentials.

-When partners want to integrate an OAT campaign onto their own website, they can turn on the switch which will integrate the campaign to an external website. After doing so, users can claim OATs on the external website.

Discord Message Credential

Members who send messages in Discord have the opportunity to be awarded an OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) for their participation. Currently, this feature can only be utilized from the backend.

Week Of: 08/29-09/04

Twitter Credential Service

Galxe has offically launched our new Twitter credential this week. In updating this service, we have taken the time to ensure that this credential runs smoothly both from the back and front end. The updates are as follows:

-Resolved a frequency limit issue with the older versions of this Twitter credential

-Removed the “manually verify” button

-Added Twitter space participants into the Twitter credential

For partners using this credential, you now you can automatically issue NFTs or Galxe OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) to Twitter space participants without requiring participants to fill out a form.