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Set Up Your Galxe ID Profile

What is Galxe ID?

To put this in the most simplest way as possible, Galxe ID is aiming to become your on-chain LinkedIn. Galxe is a miracle space where on-chain credentials float around, and we are now taking them to another level.

For all the users on Galxe,

  • Galxe ID can be your universal username that will replace your wallet address in Web3.
  • You can display the credentials collected in the Web3 world and showcase the history of your achievements.
  • Developer integration support: As a metaverse DID, developers can integrate Galxe ID toolkit and offer customized features to users based on users' on-chain credentials. This will open up a lot of possibilities and redefine the future of Web3.
  • More features will be added, and soon you will be able to use the Galxe ID in Galxe's extensive partner network.

How to claim your Galxe ID?

  • Visit
  • Hover to "Galxe ID" on the top menu
  • Connect your wallet & set your username
  • Done - you will be able to see eligible credentials attached to your Galxe ID

Edit your Galxe ID in Settings

  • After connect your wallet, visit, or click your profile on the top right corner and go to Settings
  • In the Settings page, you can basically do 4 things:
    • Change usernames
    • Update the profile photo
    • Link Email addresses
    • Link Twitter accounts

1) To change usernames

Just enter your new desired ones. Easy as that!

2) To update the profile photo

Click on your current profile image and upload the new one.

Some NFTs can only be claimed with a Email entry, and here’s what linking your Email address come in handy.

Enter your email address and hit “Send a code”. You will soon receive an email with the code that you have to enter for verification. Check your spam folder if you haven’t received one for a while.

On Galxe, we have specially designed the task-based campaign module w/ Twitter integration. It can be used to power various Twitter based campaigns, which also requires users to link their Twitter accounts to Galxe ID.

To accomplish that, simply follow the 2 steps after you click “Verify Twitter Account” Button.

Step 1: Click the “Tweet” button and tweet a verification message on the Twitter account that you want to link with

Step 2: On your tweet, find the share button. Copy link and paste it to the Twitter verification page. Then click the button to verify your account