2021 Galxe End-of-year Rave

During Christmas, Galxe, along with our ecosystem partners, has organized a rave to show our appreciation to the community members and were overwhelmed with the support from all of our communities member, with 7,212 community members claiming the Galxe Girl and Reindeer NFT.



Galxe’s success and that of our partners is thanks to our loyal users who come back every week to participate in all of our campaigns. As 2021 came to an end Galxe wanted to find a way to show our appreciation to our community members.


During Christmas, Galxe, along with our ecosystem partners, organized an End of year Rave for our users. This joint campaign included 12 partners and 12 sub-campaigns for our communities to enjoy.


The campaign was a success for Galxe with 7,212 community members claiming the Galxe Girl and Reindeer NFT. Our ecosystem partners also saw a significant increase in their followings, number of active users and also the number of engaged members in their community.

Perpetual Finance — 7501 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Generate at least 100 USDC trading volume on Perp v2.

Perpetual Finance increased daily traders by 15x at the peak of the campaign, increasing the trading volume by 20%.

MoonPot — 8652 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Stake at least 10 $POTS tokens into Ziggy’s Pot

MoonPot received an increase of 75% in the number of unique wallet addresses. The token price also increased by 12% throughout the campaign and reached the highest point of 31.5% increase on the 27th of December.

Woo Network — 7907 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Get the WOOFi Early Adopter NFT with at least 100 $WOO staked on Woo network.

Woo Network received a 315% increase in the daily wallets.

Hashflow — 7330 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Perform a 500$ trade on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Hashflow’s Twitter following grew 15.6%, and their Discord users grew 45.2%. The average daily volume grew with a staggering 425.2% increase.

KACO Finance — 2,470 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Stake 200 KKAC LP token on KACO’s farm.

The token price increased by **400%**throughout the campaign period and the number of stakers increased by 1900%.

Divergence — 7,079 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Trade DIVER tokens on Sushiswap during Christmas

Divergence’s token price had a 200% increase throughout the campaign period.

Vera — 8,059 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Stake $Vera.

Vera’s Twitter following grew 10.84% and their Telegram following grew 20%. Their unique wallet addresses increased by 15%.

NAOS Finance -7,963 NFTs Minted

Task Description: Stake any amount of NAOS in the NAOS Boost Pool and join NAOS official TG group.

NAOS Finance’s Telegram following grew 30% and a 22.7% increase in token holders.

Task Description: Join their discord and make a cross-chain swap on Zklink.

zkLink’s Discord following grew 11.9% and a 3.5% increase in trading addresses

Alpaca Finance - 12,105 NFTs minted

Task Description: Deposit with Alpaca Finance.

Deposit any amount of tokens that Alpaca supports in the Alpaca Lend Page.

Yearn Finance- 7,746 NFTs minted

Task Description: Subscription to the Yearn weekly newsletter.

Impossible Finance -1,406 NFTs minted

Task Description: Participate in Impossible Finance’s first launchpad sale on Moonriver.