Members who hold the Galxe Brain title are not contracted by the team nor are they official Galxe representatives.

The Galxe Brain role is not something a user can apply for or ask for, it is a role that is given to selected users for their amazing effort and volunteer work within the community.

Galxe Brains work closely with the core team in various efforts to make sure that information and support can be spread through the right channels to all of Galxe’s users.

The Galxe Brain role is an earned role, but it can also be revoked by the Galxe team. Inactivity without reason, and innapropriate behavior to users are a few reasons why it could be revoked.

Please see below the different titles for team members and community member

Admin / Celestials (Team)

Guardian (Team)

Galxe Brain (Member)

Path Finder (Member)