What is Galxe Web3 Score?

Galxe Web3 Score is your way to prove your Web3 skills and abilities. Navigate to Galxe and mint a subscription so you’re always informed of your standing in the greater Metaverse and beyond.

Along with an idea of where you stand in Web3, you can also increase your score and earn some benefits. Use your score in several ways, from exclusive campaigns to special perks and rewards.

Mint your Galxe Score here.

How Does Galxe Web3 Score Work?

Galxe Web3 Score isn’t just a number.

It’s a reflection of your identity across the Metaverse.

From beginners to experts, Galxe Web3 Score offers a comprehensive insight into your Web3 track record. (Updated daily)

Your Galxe Web3 Score will get compared to the rest of the Metaverse! See if you’re in the top 30% of Web3 users.

From reputation to assets, your experience and expertise in the decentralized digital world get compounded into one score.

Here’s how it ranks you:

  • Experience: Are you a shadowy-super coder? A measure of your on-chain activity.
  • Fame: How notorious are you? A measure of your popularity.
  • Humanity: How real are you? A way to identify real humans.
  • Expertise: What have you done? A measure of your Web3 skill.
  • Assets: What assets do you hold? Tokens, NFTs etc.

What Does My Galxe Web3 Score Mean?

Galxe Web3 Score gets calculated in a few different ways based on your presence across the Metaverse.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when factoring your Galxe Web3 Score:

  • What have you done in Web3?
  • What have you collected throughout the Metaverse?
  • Are you a degen or just starting?
  • How many transactions have you made?

Your score is unique to you! Think of it as your reputation across the Metaverse and Web3.

There are five (5) distinct categories (sub scores) that make up your Galxe Score👇

Sub ScoreWhat Gets Checked?
ExperienceHow old is your account/address?
FameHow popular are you?
AssetsWhat assets do you hold? Tokens, NFTs etc
ExpertiseAre you new here or a shadowy super coder?
HumanityHow likely are you a real one?

To increase your score, engage with the different features of Galxe and greater Web3, and your score will reflect your actions accurately.

⭐️ Tip: You can get a better Galxe Web3 Score by completing Campaigns on Galxe!