One of the most important functions of digital credentials is their verifiability through cryptographic methods. Although the verifier still needs to trust the credential issuer, this functionality obviates the necessity for verifiers to interact with the data sources. Moreover, it empowers the holder of credentials with the complete ownership of the data, thereby endowing them with the discretion to decide where, when, who and what to share.

The Galxe identity protocol defines the ‘how’. The protocol provides a set of ease-of-use SDKs, smart contracts and identity vault applications, hoping to bring the state-of-art SSI service to millions of users. Before jumping into the technical details of the protocol, we will give an overview of preliminary concepts and explain the capabilities and responsibilities of each role of the ecosystem. At the end, we will give an example of leveraging the protocol to run an on-chain NFT drop for angel users, where the security of application and user privacies are both protected.