About the SDK

The Galxe Identity Protocol TypeScript SDK empowers developers to:

  • Design new ZK credential types using our domain-specific language (Type DSL), without requiring any knowledge of zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Issue ZKP-powered credentials.
  • Generate zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Interact with on-chain contracts for tasks such as issuer registration, context registration, and proof verification.
  • Most of the gadgets you would need, if not everything.

Code Repository

All source code can be found in our monorepo on GitHub: Galxe Identity Protocol.

SDK Installation

Install the SDK using npm, Yarn, or pnpm with the following commands:

  • npm

    npm install @galxe-identity-protocol/sdk
  • pnpm

    pnpm add @galxe-identity-protocol/sdk
  • Yarn

    yarn add @galxe-identity-protocol/sdk

EVM Contracts in Solidity

For developers aiming to integrate or directly interact with our EVM contracts, refer to the code and documentation available here: EVM Contracts.

Issuer gRPC Service

For those planning to serve as issuers, we provide a Node.js (written in TypeScript) gRPC service and a Dockerfile. This can be deployed as a microservice in your infrastructure to facilitate credential issuance to users. Learn more and access the service here: Issuer Service.